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Archibald McFarland

Archibald McFarland is the son of William McFarland and Margaret McCormick. He was born 17 Dec 1832 in Dyart Fifeshire, Scotland. He was married to Isabella Mitchell on 3 Aug 1854. Not long after they were married, the young couple prepared to travel with Archibald's family to the Americas and eventually settle down in Utah. They were going to depart on the ship "Helios" from Liverpool, but some damage was dealt to the ship due to a storm. All the passengers had to wait for the ship to be repaired. It was scheduled to set sale a month after the incident. However, things didn't work out as planned. The McFarlands got on the ship "Charles Buck" instead with the rest of their company (they were travelling with a group of Mormons who were making the trek to Utah). The ship left in January of 1855.

The McFarlands traveled in the Richard Ballantyne Pioneer Company. The company consisted of 402 individuals and 45 wagons. They departed from Mormon Grove, Kansas at the beginning of July 1855. They arrived in Salt Lake on 25 Sept 1855.

Archibald and Isabella had twelve children.

William McFarland
Born 25 Jan 1856
Died 26 Jan 1856

Robert McFarland
Born 2 Jan 1858
Died 13 Dec 1862

James Rankin McFarland
Born 20 Dec 1859
Died 15 Feb 1932

Charles Blair McFarland
Born 8 Apr 1862
Died 16 Oct 1909

Isabella McFarland
Born 25 Sept 1864
Died 31 Oct 1955
Married Name: Hogge

Archibald McFarland Jr.
Born 15 Jan 1867
Died 25 Dec 1936

John McFarland
Born 31 Dec 1868
Died 3 Jun 1956

Albert Rae McFarland
Born 1 May 1871
Died 6 Oct 1934

Margaret Elizabeth McFarland
Born 13 Oct 1873
Died 30 Jun 1921
Married Name: Nilsson or Nelson

Mary Ann McFarland
Born 6 Mar 1877
Died 28 Mar 1877

Janet McFarland
Born 29 Jun 1879
Died 18 Nov 1905
Married Name: Faddis

Daniel Archibald McFarland
Born 17 May 1882
Died 21 Jul 1914

Archibald died 14 Dec 1915. He is buried in the West Weber Cemetery in Utah.

To view an account written by his own hand concerning the immigration of his family, click here.

To read more about the Richard Ballentyne Company, click here.


CABE said...


Archibald McFarland is my ancestor.

Danielle said...

That's awesome! I was recently able to access some of his journal entries thanks to the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers. Very interesting. I love finding first hand accounts. They certainly aren't easy to come by.