Pioneer Ancestry

This page is a work in progress. I just started to research my pioneer roots today (December 2, 2011). I plan to have a list here of my ancestors and the companies they were in. Their names will be linked to their posts as soon as I create one for them. I'll also provide links for you to find information on the companies. Continue to look back as this is a work in progress!


Uriah Curtis Company

  • Benjamin Gardner Curtis
  • Eli Curtis
  • Eliza Barnum Curtis
  • Elizabeth Thorne Barnum Curtis
  • Elvina Curtis
  • Erastus Curtis
  • Joseph Henry Curtis
  • Lehi Curtis
  • Levi Curtis
  • Maria Dunn Curtis
  • Mariah Jane Curtis
  • Mary Caroline Barton Curtis
  • Mary Malinda Curtis
  • Nancy Louisa Curtis
  • Phoebe Maria Curtis
  • Phoebe Martin Curtis
  • Sarah Curtis
  • Sarah Ann Barnet Curtis
  • Uriah Curtis
  • Uriah Martin Curtis


Uriah Curtis Company

  • Alva Benson
  • Cynthia Elizabeth Benson
  • Cynthia Vail Benson
  • David Benson
  • Elsa Ann Curtis Benson
  • Keziah Messenger Benson
  • Moroni Benson
  • Phebe Keziah Benson
  • Polly Elvira Benson

Appleton M. Harmon Company
James Boyack Jr.

Milo Andrus Company

Alexander Boyack
Ann Boyack
David Doig Boyack
Elizabeth Boyack
Elizabeth Mealmaker Boyack
Hannah Boyack
James Boyack
Joseph Gibson Boyack
Margaret Boyack
Mary Mealmaker Boyack
Peter Fenton Boyack
Robert Mathew Boyack
William Mealmaker Boyack

John Hindley Company

  • Ellen Gore Dinwoodey
  • Henry Dinwoodey

Milo Andrus Company

  • John Earl
  • Rheumina Wilson Earl
  • Sarah Earl
  • Sarah Syphers Earl
  • William Earl

Daniel D. McArthur Company

James S. Brown Company

Richard Ballantyne Company

  • Ann Stanger Hogge
  • Charles Hogge
  • James Hogge
  • William George Hogge

Milo Andrus Company

  • Amanda Wilson Leavitt
  • Betsy Leavitt
  • Dudley Leavitt
  • Mary Leavitt
  • Nathaniel Leavitt (infant)
  • Nathaniel Leavitt
  • Sarah Leavitt
  • Sarh Sturdevant Leavitt
  • Thomas Rowell Leavitt

Richard Ballantyne Company

William West Lane Company

  • Elizabeth Ann Scriggins
  • Mary Ellen Scriggins
  • Samuel Scriggins
  • Sarah Jane Scriggins

Joseph Horne Company

  • Alfred William Shires
  • Ann Elizabeth Shires
  • Benjamin Shires
  • Ellen Shires
  • Sarah Shires
  • Sarah Ann Moore Shires
  • William Shires

Milo Andrus Company

Margery Waterhouse


Benjamin Gardner Company

  • Bushrod Washington Wilson
  • Catherine Wilson
  • Catherine Iona Anderson Wilson
  • Charles Wilson
  • Cyrus Wilson
  • Joseph Bushrod Wilson
  • Nancy Wilson

Daniel A. Miller/John W. Cooley Company

  • Aaron Clinton Wilson
  • Agnes Hunter Wilson
  • Alvira Wilson
  • Annie Wilson
  • Atlas Wilson
  • Bradley Barlow Wilson
  • Bushrod Wilson
  • Clarissa Wilson
  • David Wagner Wilson
  • Elizabeth Kinney Wilson
  • Emily Wilson
  • Emily Cox Wilson
  • George Clinton Wilson (age 52)
  • George Clinton Wilson (age 15)
  • George Miles Wilson
  • Gill Whitford Wilson
  • Henry Hardy Wilson
  • James Wilson
  • Lavina Wilson
  • Lemuel Green Wilson
  • Lewis Dunbar Wilson
  • Lewis Dunbar Wilson Jr.
  • Lewis Kinney Wilson
  • Mahala Jane Wilson (this is the person that connects me to the Wilson line)
  • Martha (Patty) Wilson
  • Mary Malinda Wilson
  • Nancy Jane Wilson
  • Nancy Melissa Wilson
  • Polly Wilson
  • Samuel Wilson
  • Thomas Jefferson Wilson
  • William Wilson
  • William C. Wilson

David Lewis Company

  • Emeline Wilson
  • Ephraim Wilson
  • Frances Kelly Wilson
  • Henry Hardy Wilson
  • Henry Hardy Wilson Jr.
  • Mary Malinda Wilson
  • Sarah Frances Wilson

Milo Andrus Company

  • Calvin Clinton Wilson
  • Jane Ann Wilson
  • Jasper Green Wilson
  • Marrietta Wilson
  • Martha Wilson
  • Mary Sheehand Wilson
  • Victoria Elizabeth Wilson
  • Whitford Gill Wilson
Uriah Curtis Company

  • David Wilson
  • Elizabeth Hunter Wilson
  • Francis Marion Wilson
  • George Deliverance Wilson
  • Guy Carlton Wilson
  • Hyrum Wilson
  • John Gill Wilson
  • Louisa Wilson
  • Lucy Benson Wilson

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I am doing a project on Hardware Ranch in Blacksmith Fork Canyon. The first settler there was Lehi Curtis. Do you have any information on Lehi?
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